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The John Joel Austin Family Photo Album
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Annie Austin

Eldest daughter Annie Austin shortly before her marriage to James Stuart Yates in 1891.
(Image G-07727 Courtesy of BC Archives)

Young sons of Annie and husband James Stuart Yates photographed in 1897 are Harry, Bob and Austin. The child in the middle, in girls clothes with long blond hair, grew up to serve overseas in World War I and join his father's law practice in 1926. He was law clerk of the B.C. Legislature from 1936 and promoted to Clerk of the House in 1945.
Savannah photo

Harry, Bob and Austin Yates

Nellie Austin

Nellie Austin, second daughter of Sarah and John Joel Austin.

Nellie and her bridegroom, Harry Yates, ca. 1889. Hall & Lowe photo

Harry and Nellie Yates

Carrie Austin

Carrie Austin, who married Captain Willson and moved to Oregon. She died after her second baby died in infancy, ca. 1906.

Nell Willson, Carrie's daughter, raised by her sister Annie after Carrie's death.

Nell Willson

John Henry Austin (Harry)

John Henry Austin (Harry) ca. 1886.

Harry Austin served overseas in the First World war. He was killed in 1917.

Harry Austin in uniform

Philip Austin

Youngest surviving child Philip Austin ca. 1898.

Philip Austin and his bride Dorothy Leeming at their wedding in 1907.

Philip & Dorothy Austin

Sarah Austin

Sarah in the 1880s.

John Joel in later life.

John Joel Austin

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