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Battlefront Nurses in WW I

The Canadian Army Medical Corps in England, France and Salonika, 1914-1919

Battlefront Nurses in WWI
Battlefront Nurses in WW I
Author: Maureen Duffus
Published 2009, Victoria, BC
ISBN 978-0-9733809-1-0

168 pages
A diary, a memoir & photo albums from two British Columbia Nursing Sisters

$29.95 CDN

Cover picture: Florence Nightingale and her Crimean War nurses, shown in this 1856 lithograph of a Scutari hospital ward, set new standards for future military nurses. (Wikimedia Commons)

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The story of four years in the lives of two nursing sisters who enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Esquimalt, British Columbia, in the summer of 1915. Both served overseas in England, Salonika and France as lieutenants with the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

Their World War I experiences are recorded in the diary of Nursing Sister Elsie Collis, a memoir by Nursing Sister Ethel Morrison and photograph albums from 1915 to the end of their service in 1919. The story is told primarily in their own words, with relevant excerpts from recollections of nurses and doctors from other Canadian medical units. The political and military situations requiring their services have been summarized to put overseas postings into context.

"A book for anyone who had relatives in the First World War"

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