1858 engraving of Victoria

Colonial History Vancouver Island

Maureen Duffus - Author and Historian


Vancouver Island History

Stories from the Colonial decade include the building of the first sawmill, the first legislative assembly of the colony, and early Victoria theatrical performances. Post-colonial stories include the building of the Malahat Drive and stories from the earliest days of Canada's Navy in Esquimalt.

Prelude to a Province

Vancouver Island's First Legislature
1856 saw the first elected government for Vancouver Island much to the dismay of Governor Douglas.

Attach Frazer's River to Vancouver's Island
In 1858 the colony tried to take control of the mainland, instead the second colony of British Columbia was created.

Fort Victoria
Few photographs from the inside of Fort Victoria exist, but this well-known image, looking east toward what became Fort Street, shows the HBC officers' mess hall, left. It was here that members of the first elected legislative assembly west of the Great Lakes were sworn in.